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Pim Stumpel, World Class Optimist coach, shares his wide knowledge about Optimist sailing. In more then 60 minutes of videos you learn all the ins- & outs about tacking, gybing, starting and all other sailing techniques. The instruction videos are made using the newest technologies like drones, on-board cameras & on-screen animations to get the best angles and shots!
After your payment you will receive a personal SportVid online account. This account contains the exclusive DinghyCoach footage available from every location on every device.
DinghyCoach updates the online stored videos in case new techniques are discovered or developed. Never out-dated and always available! A groundbraking must-have for every Optimist family, sailor and coach.

Sitting positions - shifting gears

Learn the right position in your boat. After the different sitting positions you will learn how to shift between them.

Tacking - light wind

Break down this difficult technique in the 6 required steps. All the steps are explained separately using slow-motion videos and on-screen animations.

Tacking - medium wind

Understand the difference between a tack in light winds and medium winds. Reduce the loss of boat speed by increasing your technical skill level.


Learn a perfect gybe by executing the different steps. DinghyCoach Pim Stumpel explains the technique step by step.


Get comfortable at the starting line. How can I defend my spot at the starting line? What actions do I need to take to accelerate of the line?

360 penalty turn

Learn the difference between a penalty turn upwind and a penalty turn downwind. We don’t like penalties; better execute them as quickly as possible.

Bottom mark rounding

Understand the importance of the bottom mark rounding. Learn how to execute a proper mark rounding.

Top mark rounding

Break down the markrounding in different steps. With shots from inside the boat and from the drone you will see the ultimate route and perfect techniques.

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