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Marit Bouwmeester Videobox

The Perfect Start

We discuss all the critical parts of the start. Maybe the most important part of the race. The videoserie is especially made for Optimist sailors, but just as useful for other classes. We discuss "Time & Distance", "Acceleration", "Defending your spot", "Tactics" and "rules" in more than 40min of video!

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Marit Bouwmeester Videobox

Marit Bouwmeester - Laser Videobox

Olympic champion and multiple world champion Marit Bouwmeester, tells you all about how to sail the Laser. All her techniques, tips about how to rigg your boat propperly, gym workouts and much more. Over 100minutes of video, combined in a special digital Videobox. A must have for every (Laser)sailor!

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Laser MKII complete Trimguide

A complete guide of how to trim your laser MK2 sail. We'll show you how to set-up your sail in different conditions.

  • The differences between the old and the new MKII lasersail
  • Learn to understand how your sail should look like
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DinghyCoach - Optimist Technique Serie

Learn all the ins- & outs about tacking, gybing, starting, mark rounding, 360 penalty turns and other sailing techniques.

  • Learn by watching. Visualise the perfect technique to improve your own sailing skills
  • Constantly updating, never out-dated information!
  • Easy and cheap access to the best optimist techniques
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SportVid - Tacking a Laser

A complete guide of how to tack in a laser! We will show you the different stages of the tack and what the best technique is. We will learn you how the objective of the tack changes in different wind strengths and sea conditions. Look at all the different techniques from several camera angles, so you can see what is going on in detail!

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SportVid - Fitness for sailing (NL)

A special Dutch version of all the important core and stretch exercises for sailing fitness! You can execute them at home, without special equipment or dumbbells. Correct your technique using the perfect example. Training your core is extremely important for sailors. Many athletes struggle with lower back injuries later on in their career. A lot of those injuries can be prevented, just by making sure your core is strong enough for the game. Unlike lifting weights, you can (must!) begin training your core at a young age.

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