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More than 100 minutes video. With Marit explaining all her techniques and showing how it's done! All you need to know about how to properly rig a Laser, what gear to use, maintanance, gym work and of course how to sail the boat fast! Marit shares her knowledge and gives you all her tips and tricks about sailing. A must have for (Laser)sailors!

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The Marit videobox. All you need to know about sailing a Laser!


Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
Preparation and equipment

You will learn step by step what you need to do to prepare the boat. All these steps you need to take before you actually start with rigging the boat. How to install the outhaul on the boom. What to take into account by putting the mast together. And how to install your hiking strap in a way that you can adjust the strap during sailing.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
Rigging the boat

As soon as all the trim lines are installed you can start to rig the boat. Marit will tell you what is important. And she will give some very useful tips that you can immediately use to your advantage.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
Clothing and gear

It is important to choose the right clothing for on the water. You shouldn’t be too hot or too cold and clothing must never be a limitation to required movements in the boat. In this video you will see what the (sailing)wardrobe of Marit looks like.


Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
Mainsheet action

The laser has the longest mainsheet of all the Olympic classes. In every boat you have to adjust your sails to the wind direction. For laser sailors it is very important to be really quick in adjusting the mainsheet and make sure to keep it organised.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
Sailing upwind

You will learn the key aspects for sailing on a close-hauled course. Of course the accents will change with a different wind speed. That is why you get three different videos on upwind sailing. You will learn about upwind sailing in light winds, medium winds and strong winds.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
Sailing downwind

You will understand the difference between downwind sailing in light to medium conditions and strong winds. The laser is a small and unstable boat. Especially in windy conditions this can be really challenging. Marit will explain why she is one of the fastest downwind sailors in the world.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox

Reaching in a laser is underestimated. Because reaching is relatively easy, it is extremely difficult to make a difference compare to other boats. In this video you will learn why this is definitely possible.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox

In three different videos you will first learn the basic steps of a tack. In addition, Marit will explain the most important aspects of the tack in light winds, which is called the rolltack. And she will also explain the aspects of the tack in heavy winds. By watching how Marit executes a tack, will help you improve your own tacking skills.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
Gybing - rollgybe

Especially in light winds there are quite a few different techniques to gybe. You will learn, among other things, the difference between a "normal" roll gybe and the back-to-back gybe. You will also learn how to avoid the mainsheet getting caught behind the corner.

Racing manoeuvres

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
The topmark rounding

This video is very important for all the sailors who are competing in a regatta. But even if you’re not competing you will surely change your course from upwind to downwind sailing. The steps you need to execute are the same and will be explained step by step.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
The downwind mark

The same story applies to the downwind mark. Step by step you’ll learn what is necessary to change from downwind to an upwind course, what trim lines to adjust, how to execute the turn and why is it so important to start early with the preparations for the rounding?

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
The start

A race cannot be won at the start, but you can definitely lose it. A good start is absolutely crucial for a good result in a race. In an extensive video you will learn how Marit determines where to start and what she does for a good acceleration.

Marit Bouwmeester Videobox
Penalty turn

For anybody who participates in a competition, it is inevitable that you have to take a penalty turn. Because it is already annoying enough, you better be prepared to execute the turn properly. Besides that it is a great exercise to practice your technical skills in the laser.

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