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SportVid Academy (in Dutch)

What are the most important skills in sailing to master? Where do you begin and how to determine what to learn next? What kind of comments should you make as a trainer and coach? How can you improof the leaning of your athletes? We can help sailors, coaches and organisations achief more results and beter learning. Learn more about the SportVid Academy *for now it's only available in Dutch*

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Learn faster and more efficient by looking at the perfect example. By looking at the skill you want to learn, before and after your training, you increase the speed in learning something new. Besides a lot of free videos, we have several premium videos to choose from. You can activate them directly on your personal account and look at the perfect example, anywhere, anytime! Check out the premium videos

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Latest video series

Perfect Start
The Perfect Start

AUG 2018

The videoserie is especially made for Optimist sailors, but just as useful for other classes. We discuss "Time & Distance", "Acceleration", "Defending your spot", "Tactics" and "rules" in more than 40min of video!

Marit Bouwmeester videos
Marit Bouwmeester Videobox

oct 2016

A must have video serie for all (Laser)sailors. Olympic gold medalist Marit Bouwmeester, shares all her techniques, tips and tricks with you! In over 100 minutes of video she explains and shows you all the aspects of sailing a Laser.

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